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London Fashion Week Street Style Photography 2017

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

I will never forget the first time I visited a fashion week. It was in Paris in my second year of university 2015 I think. I had no idea what to expect. We had the addresses of some of the shows, I remember making my way through the Metro stations, through the streets, as we got closer and close to the venue we collected more stylish, fashionable creatures. It was like joining a line of ants, all in their unique uniforms.

By the time you arrive outside a venue, the streets are teaming with photographers, bloggers influencers, fashion lovers, beautifully dresses being. It's magical, it's like nothing else.

I took these photos outside the J W Anderson ready to wear spring 2017 show in London. In this tucked away street, you can see just some of this fashion buzz. I don't know of any feeling quite so inspiring.

The inclusion, the difference, its such a wonderful thing to see. See how people express themselves, how the dress and put their armour on. It's a privilege to see.

I love to be in the mix, with my camera, shooting everything I can. One thing I am sorely missing in this Covid year is being in crowds, the vibration on life, getting in close with others how are also trying to shoot all the beauty and joy they can see.


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