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Blue Skies in Paris - Retro Ascetic #OOTD

These outfit pictures from a fresh spring day in Paris 2019 are some of my favourites. I cannot get enough of the retro ascetic. I want orange and brown sunglasses and a Farrah Fawcett fringe. Nothing feels more glamorous to me the curling your hair as big as it will go and warming up you world view with a sunny tinted lens. It instantly makes any outfit feel glam.

I have a dedicated 70's Pinterest which is made up with mens glasses adverts and Farrah. I love the richness of colour in the photography, the warmth in the tones and the killer fashion.

Looking back at these photos shot by Valentina (talented creative and friend) I get so much joy from remembering glamorous outfits, and fashion fuelled trips around Paris. I'm currently sat at home post 6km run psyching myself up for a shower, it makes me happy to know one day we will be out of lockdown, in new cities, hair curled out, amazing outfits on, laughing with friends.

When it comes to outfit planning. one of my most stylish friends swears by always investing in coats and shoes. Her theory is even with a regular outfit, throwing on a statement pair of shoes and jacket will evaluate the outfit. I try to live by this advise, but my own addition has to be sunglasses, the right shades can mean the difference between an okay outfit to something so much cooler. I am a sucker for some cheap statement glasses!

With shops being closed I have really tried to look online at places like Etsy to shop as much as I can. Its so important we support little shops, and independent businesses who have had to close to keep us safe. Currently on Etsy I have these shades favourited for the next payday, I am in love with these vintage frames!

Please leave me a comment below if you know of any other great places to shop local and small online. Or anywhere that has great vintage and retro too!

Be inspired, be inspiring.


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