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2020 A Year Of Change

2020 has turned everything upside down. For everyone in their own way, this year has been so difficult, a year of separation from loved ones, full of ups and downs and uncertainty . For me it has been meant separation from family, distance from friends, and worried about almost everything. Whilst we face our own struggles we are also painfully aware that everyone we know has their own set of problems and worries because of this year too.

Life always has its ups and downs but COVID has robbed us of the normal things we can do to support one another and help our collective and personal mental health. The biggest 'silver lining' if it can be called so, is the perspective it has given me as to what's important and what holds the most value in life. People.

My Family on a Norfolk Beach, one last trip before lockdown 2.0 - Photo by Me.

The number one thing I have longed for is to be able to hug my parents and sisters, sit and have a cup of tea in the homes of my family and friends. Get out in Londons busy streets with friends and chat and laugh as we shoot content. Jump on a plane to see friends from over seas, chat to strangers in bars and on beaches.

While I count down the moments until that first hug, the first cup of tea, the first flight, I am taking the time to pause and reflect. While I am 'locked down 2.0' I am digging out old hard drive, sifting though old memory cards looking back at old projects. I've found half edited videos I never remembered shooting, un edited images from previous work trips, and outfit photoshoots with friends in European cities. While I am still longing to be back out there taking the time to notice how much I have done, the amazing people I have friendships with, inspiring freelance work I have done, the teams I have had the privilege of working with, this has been a real tonic to these tough times.

I'm going to be sharing some of the work and adventures I have been looking back on on here, as well as new and exciting updates too. I difficult times, inspiration, fashion escapism, and adventure and even more important. Leave me a comment below with how you're doing, and how your staying creative.

Be inspired, be inspiring.


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