I first started working with Sutors when they were developing their packaging. The had a gorgeous modern bottle shape they wanted to use, and they needed a clean, modern and minimalist label design.

I put together multiple initial sketches and designs for the team to review. The team wanted something inspired by the rugged Scottish landscape and coastline that also embraced the contemporary nature of the brand. The bottle you see in stores today is the result of that process. 

Cocktails 2-2.jpg


From working with the team, I went on to work off much of their initial content. We worked through the stories they wanted to tell as a brand and planned a manageable and budget-conscious strategy.


All businesses are unique and the content they need will differ. If you would like to work with me to develop your content, please get in touch, I would love to hear from you.


Once we had the content plan in place, I worked through shooting all the content they needed. This included product teaser shots, social content, web content. I work in an efficient way to ensure maximum output and longevity of content use. 

As you can see from the imagery below for Sutors this included; studio shots of the product, lifestyle product shots of cocktail making, and landscape images to build brand image. 



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