Graduation, life and the future.

Dress, Jacket, Shoes, Earrings, Bracelet.

Dress, Jacket, Shoes, Earrings, Bracelet.

So I finally made it! It felt like this day would never arrive! I can now officially call myself Georgina Hart BA! I have a degree in fashion now, and I feel so relieved to have made it to this point and feel so proud of everything I overcame to get here.

First off, the most import part THE OUTFIT! I knew I wanted to wear something I was absolutely in love with and that followed on from my final collection. My collection was inspired by east meeting west, eastern decorative arts, rich colours all with beautiful fun twists. I was so proud of my work and wanted to find something beautiful to celebrate it. ASOS is my all time favourite high street shop! I find it had such fun fashion pieces, in good sizes and at a good price point. I love this Chinese inspired pink dress with beautiful embroidery, and I treated myself to some ASOS Bridal shoes I had been looking at FOREVER! I love anything with surface decoration and embellishment and ASOS always delivers (quite literally their delivery is also super easy and cheap!!). I wore my fav pink Gucci inspired sunglasses also ASOS and some Aldo amazing snake earrings! All the links are below.

Dress, Jacket, Shoes, Earrings, Bracelet.

It feels kind of crazy to say I am a graduate. As any non-dyslexic followers of my blog can probably tell, inspite of Grammarly’s best efforts I am dyslexic. When I was in Primary school my spelling was terrible! I mean almost impossible for teachers or my parents to even make sense of, I found school incredibly stressful and upsetting, crying after almost every day. I had so many ideas, I could imagine and think about ten thousand things a minute, but as soon as I had to write I just felt completely and utterly stupid, I couldn’t get anything out correctly. The only thing that I have always loved and enjoyed is art, it was the only time I could put pencil to paper and what I produced was as good. I was so blessed to have amazing teachers and the most supportive parents, and throughΒ all of my school career, I was encouraged to be creative.

I went on to an upper school Biddenham Upper in Bedfordshire which had an incredible support team who got me through GCSE’s getting an A in English, and A levelsΒ in History and English and well as Art and Textiles. It was as if the stars aligned for my final year in school, as a new teacher took over the Textiles department and probably changed my life too! She asked me to bring a sketchbook with me on my first day, and when looking through my drawings changed the whole curriculum, teaching me tailoring, pattern cutting, got me working on all my strengths and challenging me to new levels. The work I produced with her in one year, got me into university without an art foundation or even a full A level in Textiles. She encouraged me to be creative, taught me how to keep sketchbooks that kept my imagination going, and was the first person get me to believe I may be good at something! I would not be here without her!

I arrived at university build up inspired and excited. I moved into a flat with the most amazing flatmates, who helped me realise who I am, what I like and how I want to live. I have no idea where I would be now, and what I would be doing now, Alice Josh and Connie were so important to me and helped make me who I am. I always remember a piece of advice Connie gave me which I try my best (often fail) to live by “you never remember the nights you had enough sleep.” They made me go for things and experience things I would never have and I will forever love them for that!

Academically university was so difficult, I was on an oversubscribed course, understaffed, and undersupported. It wasn’t until my final year when I was given a report that had been done on my dyslexia in the first year, that listed all the reasonable adjustments I was entitled too, and all of the continued support I should have received. By this point it was too late, I was failing, uninspired, broken, and depressed. I when back to feeling how I had as a six-year-old at school who couldn’t spell her own name. I struggled with all of the modules and hated the work I created.

I made the terrifying decision to leave my University, and move to another. I had no idea who would take me, I had a portfolio I hated, I felt stupid, and I had no idea if it would be any better anywhere else. After a tearful email spree, I found CSVPA. I got the most supportive invite to an interview to transfer to their final year, I went along desperate rather than hopeful. I found myself in the heart of Cambridge in a tiny art school with supportive staff and incredible technical support. It was the best move I possibly could have made.Β I have five days a week support in sewing, pattern cutting and design. I had use of studio space every day, and my own permanent desk. I made a final collection I am proud of and learned so much in that final year. I got to travel to China with the School after final collection and see places and people I could never have imagined, let alone have afforded. Moving to CSVPA saved my degree, and I cannot believe I graduated with a 2:1

But life is full of ups and downs, finishing university, and coming home from China was like crashing from a high. I was in so much debt it was terrifying, I had no money, no job, and began applying for jobs every hour of every day. It was 3 straight month of rejection and disappointment. I applied for over 500 jobs. Everyone wanted 2 years of experience, internships galore, and all demanded a long commute with a tiny pay package. After 3 months I got a non-design job with a 5 hour round trip commute that I could hardly afford. I was miserable and stressed wondering how did I get here?!

After 3 months of stress, I found my current job in Bridal. Its close to my home, the commute is cheap, my colleagues are lovely, and I am surrounded by beautiful dresses, beading and embellishment every day. I am in a big growing company, I finally feel like my career has a future. I lovely my current job, I am learning and being challenged, but I can also see options for future growth and progress in my career.

Looking to the future, having gone through this absolute rollercoaster to get here I am so hopeful and excited. I have so many projects and ideas I want to work on and I cannot wait to see where it all takes me. I didn’t write a typical New Years post because to be honest, it feels like my new year is starting now. I have closed the chapter on university life (at least for now possibly forever) I feel like I am entering into a new phase of life so here are my New Chapter Resolutions:

  1. Say ‘Fuck It’ More. Apologies for the naughty words, but one thing that I have really learned and found so far; I have always regretted the things I didn’t go for, the things I was too nervous to say yes too, the projects I never started because I didn’t think I could do it, the dates I didn’t go on because I was too nervous, the times I said no to a night out, or a trip or adventure. Starting from now I am trying to just go for it, whatever ‘it’ is.
  2. Start selling Georgina Hart designs. I have so many ideas, so many projects, so many prints, so many sketches. It’s time to do it. It’s time to start creating the things I dream up and share them with fashion lover, real women and dreamers. It’s now or never! Watch this space!
  3. Wear what I love MORE. I love fashion, I love clothing, I love seeing people dress with style, flare, colour and individuality. I love dressing up and this year I want to wear clothes I love every day. ( say this sat at home in a hoodie and jean full of a cold, but a girls gotta have her moments.)
  4. BLOG MORE/BLOG BETTER. I can’t believe how far I have come with my blogging, compared to my first attempts, I have improved so much. Blogging has helped me develop my style, develop my photography, meet new people, it keeps me working hard at something, it’s never finished, it can always be better. It’s like a digital journal, it has the potential to be shaped into anything, and it has the potential to shape me. My father always says to me “Be inspired, be inspiring” that’s what to want this blog to do and be. I want to be inspired and, I want to inspire others.
  5. Build Women Up. The world is a scary place, with everything globally that is going on, the political climate, we need to be giving a girl a hand, every girl, everywhere. It seems to me that if we want positive global change it starts with women, we need to help each other, build each other up, inspire each other, and come together to fix all the shit that needs fixing right now. Ladies, we have a lot of work to do!

I’m sharing this more personal post with all of you because I think its so important to see that life is full of ups and downs, its full of struggles and disappointments, it’s not just fashion and Instagram filters, but its stress and hurt too. I found uni so hard, I felt so alone, I wondered how everyone else was just able to do it. But the more friends you make, the more people you meet, the more open you are, the more you find everyone has their struggles, everyone has their fuck-ups, their let downs and regrets. No one really knows what they are doing. So wear something you love, go for ‘it’ whatever ‘it’ maybe, support your fellow women, and Be inspired, be inspiring. You’re doing fine!

Lots of love!

Georgina Hart BA


If you want to shoot fashion content, meet a fellow fashion lover, work together on a creative project, or anything else, you can email me at or DM me on Insta @missgeorginahart or comment below! I can’t wait to hear from you!






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