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    The Last Days of Summer.

    October 16, 2016



    This is officially the last time I’ll be wearing no tights this year. The wether has turned, it feels like winter is here. I have been non stop busy with the moved to a new city, and the start of my final year at university. I am in uni every day working away in the studio and I am loving it. The staff are amazing and I already feel like I am learning so much.

    On my new course I have a lot of international students its such an amazing opportunity this year, I am spending time with girls I never would have got the chance to meet. I have already spent time cooking and sharing meals and tasting lots of amazing Asian dishes that I never would have had before.

    I am still settling in a working to try and find the best work life balance. Its my final year of fashion so in some ways I need to accept that I will soon have no life outside the studio, but its also important to keep from burning out. Making sure you take rests when you have so much on is essential, and keeping up with friendship is so important, and something I really need to reside myself of. Do you have any tips of how to get the balance right in a busy life? Do you have and 100% effective relaxing work breaks? At the moment I am just on hiding in my duvet and putting on Netflix!

    Make sure to follow me on Snapchat (missghart) and Instagram (missgeorginahart) when I am super busy of blog posts come slow you can always see what I’m up to on there.

    Outfit: Top and skirt Zara, Bag Warehouse, and Pirate Boots Vivienne Westwood.

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